Among Hill Climber

Among Hill Climber

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Great climbing with Among Hill Climber, experience conquering the slopes! Show your professional driving skills, drive through steep slopes, balance your car is not an easy thing, be careful because maybe you will roll over and have to start over.
Coming to this game, you start from a rural area, but you can visit other areas such as mountains, deserts and even drive at night. Fourteen climbing maps, each with different scenarios and over 10 different vehicles in the game Among Hill Climber! Choose your vehicle among many alternatives like, truck, bike, taxi or tank… so you can have a varied experience and if you collect a lot of coins and cans of gas, you You can use them to buy upgrades for your cars and make them faster or look better!
Wish you happy gaming!
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How to play

Move: "ARROW KEYS" or "W,A,S,D"