Aqua Blocks

Aqua Blocks

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Aqua Blocks, having an alluring interactivity and eye-getting interface, has charming water illustrations and stunning audio cues that will make you incapable to take your eyes off this game.

It is difficult to envision how hot this game is, today is the most mainstream game for gamers. For Aqua Blocks, you can mess around without establishment, even without a PC, you can play directly on your telephone. This is the new form and unquestionably will not let you down.

A definitive objective in this game is that you need to make a vertical or even square line. Simplified the squares to the right situation to fit them, they will detonate and you keep on building your next blocks. Keen system is required, in case there is no space left, the game will be finished.

To perceive how long you will proceed to acquire a praiseworthy high score. Contrast and challenge your companions with make another record.

It's basic right? So would you say you are prepared to flaunt your keen strategies? Come and vanquish Aqua Blocks now with us.

Good luck!

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How to play

Using the mouse, drag and drop blocks