Castel Wars New Era

Castel Wars New Era

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Let's join the game Castel Wars New Era, the war between modern castles. One of the shooting games is taking the world by storm. Two players with 2 similar tasks, each owns a castle and shoot down the opponent's castle and defend your castle, you will be the winner. However, in Zombie mode, you have to cooperate with the second player and defend your castle from the Zombies that are attacking and attacking it. This is a very interesting game, isn't it? Are you ready? Join this game now!
Have fun playing the game!

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How to play

Player 1:
Move = AD
Jump = W
Attack = E
Place blocks = S
Switch weapons = Q
Player 2:
Move = Left and right arrow keys
Jump = Up arrow key
Attack = Space
Place block = Down arrow key
Switch weapons = M