Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters

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Drift Hunters is one of the extremely cool and exciting racing games for those who like speed and adventure. With many different forms of racing participation with levels from easy to difficult.

In the game, you will enter the world of dream cars. Start with Toyota Corolla AE86 and show your professional driving skills, you can unlock more cars like: Toyota Supra, Nissan S13, RWB 911 and 2015 Mustang and many more car models. Control the car through the races and finish first to unlock the next race. The higher the rank, the more money you will earn to upgrade your car.

You can change your car to your liking, performance and image. The races are waiting for you to conquer. Are you ready to start? Take the wheel and become a great racer today! Win all opponents and bring the joy of victory to you and those around you.

Have fun playing the game!

Along with Drift Hunters, you can play the simple Drift Boss game with beautiful 3D graphics and lively music, which is the hottest wave right now.

How to play

Vehicle control: WASD or arrow keys
Handbrake: spacebar
Change camera position:
Shift: left arrow
Shift gears down: Left CTRL