Drift Race 3D

Drift Race 3D

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Drift Racing 3D is a racing game, one of the best and most popular driving simulation games this year. Drift Racing 3D uses real physics to recreate fiery racing scenes or spectacular technical drift.

Its graphics and game controls are amazing! There are many competitions in the game, such as Cup Game, Grand Touring and Drag Racing. Once you master the tracks and your car, you will be able to get into it!

In the game Drift Racing 3D, players will own super sports cars "thousands of people love". Collect a complete set of supercars to drive, drift and immerse yourself in thrilling races until the last minute.

Tap to turn right and release to turn left and go on the endless road, drift to the finish line, beat other players and become the drift king, the best racer.

Game features:
- One tap easy to learn controls with addictive gameplay!
- Tap, Keep Holding at every corner and Release then!
- Buy, Merge and Upgrade More than 100 Cool Cars!
- Better car, Easier to Control!
- Fast action drifting with your car around an endless race track!
Racing now, and become drift king.

Along with Drift Race 3D, you can play the simple Drift Boss game with beautiful 3D graphics and lively music, which is the hottest wave right now.

How to play

How To Play Drift Race 3D