Drifty Race

Drifty Race

19 votes 3.4/5


Drifty Race is an excellent arcade game with impeccable gameplay and great graphics accompanied by lots of vehicles to unlock as you play.
Drifty Race, is considered one of the challenging puzzle games and has no shortage of interesting parts. It can be played on all computer devices, tablets, mobile phones with Andoid or IOS operating systems. Is the most popular game, listed in the top ranking. Once you play, you will definitely grind and not stop.
Click to drift, drop to go straight. Overcome bends, obstacles, sprint with the help of acceleration strips, win trophies and unlock more advanced racing cars and go to challenging new levels. That said, while taking turns is easy, it's much more complicated to get the coins and gems you find scattered across the track. Make a lot of money in each level, win competitions, run your own Car Shop, the crazy Drifty Race game is waiting for your arrival!

- Beat the others, be the first!
- Tap, Hold and Release to stay on the road!
- Unlock cars, upgrade them


- Web browser
- Android
- iOS

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How to play

Press left mouse button to drift.