Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo

Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo

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The world's toughest race is back! In the newest edition of the Extreme Offroad Cars series, you will get to drive a range of trucks and cars in some tough, long distance missions across the new, detailed open world map. Explore new environments, drive through sand storms, and survive against dangerous enemies on your way to success!

"Extreme Offroad Cars 3" is the third installment of the series and will be available on Android and IOS. You can play as a truck driver and deliver goods while racing other drivers in your car. The game features desert, snow, and jungle environments, over 70 different cars to drive, and an extensive level editor. It's fun for kids of all ages! Join the race today.

You are in control to drive cargo, delivery, or do extreme jobs in the offroad world. The game has cargo missions, adventure missions, 3D driving game with driving trucks to achieve the job. Drive the car fast and take tricky turns with amazing graphics to achieve your goal.

We hope you've been practicing your 3D driving skills, because it's time to save the day in Extreme Offroad Cars 3! This time, you're going to have a cargo, adventure and extreme job with a bunch of insane cargos. Drive your car through rough terrains with a truck and deliver them to the right destination in time. Go on a high-octane job and find out if you have what it takes

"Extreme Offroad Cars 3" is a 3D game for Boys that offers you an exciting cargo mission. The game has a variety of cars to choose from, and there are many challenging levels to conquer. As an Extreme Offroad driver, you will have to drive to the warehouse and deliver goods. You will encounter many obstacles on your way, but the most important thing is not to crash!

How to play

W, A, S, D - Drive

Left Click - Rotate Camera

SPACE - Brake