GTR Drift Legend

GTR Drift Legend

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Play GTR Drift Legend automobiles 6 exceptional float tracks ! 19 most wished practical float vehicle models.. Stunning illustrations, extensive scope of first-rate games motors, reasonable driving experience, true go with the flow competencies. Singleplayer-make excellent float force and finish stage. Get first-rate score - benefit admittance to 19 games vehicles and new tracks;flow-hustling simulatorsget organized to come across the maximum wonderful floating rush. Floating has in no way been as a laugh, invigorating and extreme. 19 exceptional automobiles! Practical floating framework and exquisite vehicle are looking forward to. GTR ,e46m3, m4, charger, civici, snake, supra, evo, c63, 350z, wrx. Sluggish motion! With this conduct you may do your excellent top notch hobby with your automobile. Report sport! End level playing and watch your pleasant exhibition repeat. A couple of camera angles! You could browse 3 numerous mark of views: driving force's pov, back pov and fundamental real to existence factor.

Along with GTR Drift Legend, you can play the simple Drift Boss game with beautiful 3D graphics and lively music, which is the hottest wave right now.

How to play

Vehicle Controls: ARROW KEYS , W,A,S, EASY
Delay: Escape
HandBrake: Space
Change Camera: OLD
Gear Poo Up: Left Shift
Gear Crap Down: Left Control
N Stuff: WOMEN
Boost/Nos: F
Slow Movement: WOOD
Lookback: OVER
Indicator risk: Z
Low Shaft Headlights: LOOK