Hill Climb Cars 2021

Hill Climb Cars 2021

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Hill Climb Cars 2021 is a gentle off-road game with no shortage of interesting and attractive parts. In the game, you play as Newton Bill - a famous racer in the town and start the journey to conquer challenging high hills with a lot of attractive bonuses waiting for you.
At the beginning of the game, you will choose any vehicle, a favorite type of terrain and start the off-road race. The right half of the screen is the gas pedal (GAS), when you hold down, the car will accelerate forward. The other half is the brake pedal (BRAKE) to help reduce the vehicle's speed. You will have to pay attention to the ups and downs and align with the correct moving speed, otherwise the car will overturn.
On the track also appear gold coins for players to collect and buy more super cars or upgrade parts of the car. You can choose your favorite scenery with different terrains. Choose a vehicle that is suitable for the terrain, this will be quite convenient on the track.
Let's start holding the steering wheel and conquer every track in Hill Climb Cars 2021 right now!
Have fun playing the game

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How to play

Vehicle control: AD or left and right arrow keys
Jump: W or up arrow key