Interstellar Run

Interstellar Run

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Come and explore outer space in Interstellar Run. In this game, you play as a small astronaut and your ultimate goal is to stay as long as possible, get as far as possible. Be the conqueror of this endless spacewalk with vibrant colors and lively sounds. Pay attention to the dangers and pitfalls on the way.
When running, you will have to watch the way and avoid stepping on unstable bricks or on black holes, which will make you fall into a dangerous void, you will find yourself lost in space, so please run out. Pay attention to your steps. Don't be fooled by the lasers that can blow you away when you touch them, and keep exploring the universe through this colorful space tunnel and get the highest score. This is definitely one of the best flash games and a great run and jump title. Play it, it won't let you down and will definitely be addicted to it.
How far can you go? Come and conquer the endless space road right now.
Have fun playing the game!

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How to play

Arrows / WAD = run & jump
Space = jump