Mage Girl Adventure Game

Mage Girl Adventure Game

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Mage Girl Adventure is a challenging adventure role-playing game, it can be played online on Android, iOS, Windows Phone mobile phones... The most popular game, listed in the top ranking . Once you play, you will definitely grind and not stop.

In Mage Girl Adventure, you will play as a witch. After one spell, you accidentally created a time gap connecting the human world and the underworld. So you created a barrier to keep them out and destroy them inside. The number of demons is increasing day by day, can you destroy them all to save your mistakes? Let's collect all the stars on the way to get the highest score in each level. There are 30 challenging levels for you, conquer them all and be the winner.
Good luck!

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How to play

Computer drivers:
A - Move left
D - Move right
W - Jump
K - Attack
Mobile: Touchscreen buttons