Rally Point 3

Rally Point 3

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Rally Point 3 is a driving game where you can prove your driving skills and racing skills. Choose from a variety of cars and race against other opponents. The driving control is simple and the camera angles are easy to see. The graphics are great for this type of game.

Rally Point 3 is an intense, high-speed racing game. Players will start out as a rookie racer and work their way up the ranks to become a top racer. The game will be an arcade style racing game with many different cards to collect. Players will be able to upgrade their cars and customize them with decals, paint jobs, and different card decks.

Race to the finish in this high speed, high octane racing game. The relentless track will test your skills and wits. Your heart will race with the relentless track, the explosions of action, and the thrills of tight turns. You'll need to use strategy and cunning to win this race.

Rally Point 3 is the latest, most addictive arcade racer game for mobile, now available worldwide! It's easy to play, but you'll need some skills. It's fast-paced, but you'll need some patience. You'll love this game with its car rally tracks, insanely fast racing action and graphics that will blow you away!

We've all played Rally Point 2, and it's time for a new and improved version of the game. Rally Point 3 is a thrilling car racing game. Compete against other cars on the track and try to become first in this action-packed racing game. Earn coins as you play and purchase upgrades to improve your car. You can even play as cards that will change into different cars as you play!

How to play

Drive: ArrowKeys or WASD
Drift: Shift/ X
Nitro: Space / Z