Rally Point 4

Rally Point 4

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The ultimate battle for supremacy has just begun! Rally Point 4 is a revolutionary new game that brings together all the best aspects of racing, arcade, brain-challenge & card-collecting games. Jump behind the wheel of your vehicle and race through an urban city, avoiding obstacles & collecting points. All the while you are collecting our high-value cards to use in action packed boss battles!

Rally Point 4 is an action-packed arcade game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Race against the clock, or your friends, to unlock different car designs to go fast domestically or internationally. You can also unlock achievements and win rewards for completing special tasks. With amazing graphics and advanced physics, Rally Point 4 is the best race game you'll play this year.

We at Rally Point 4 want to help you experience the ultimate driving game, so we developed an innovative game with 4 different game modes. Game modes include driving, racing, brainchallenge and cardriving. Drive your car in the driving mode, overtake your opponents in the racing mode, select your cards in the brainchallenge mode and drive your tank in the cardriving mode.

Rally Point 4 is an award-winning, highly addictive racing game, with eye-catching graphics and jaw-dropping physics. If you're into racing games that test your skills and reflexes, then this is the game for you!

Rally Point 4 is a game that challenges your brain. This game will push your reflex skills to the limit. Rally Point 4's high levels of difficulty will keep you entertained for hours. You can also race against your friends, or computer players to see who is the best driver.

Rally Point 4 is a company's newest car racing game. We hope you enjoy the fast-paced excitement and action. This game will give you hours of challenge, with different levels to choose from, all with different difficulties. The graphics are realistic, the sounds are exciting, and the controls are intuitive. If you're looking for something new to play - this is for you!

How to play

Drive: ArrowKeys or WASD
Drift: Shift/ X
Nitro: Space / Z