Real Shooting Fps Strike

Real Shooting Fps Strike

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The shooting game you've all been waiting for is finally here! Get ready for the ultimate fps experience with Real Shooting Fps Strike. Immerse yourself in a realistic soldier's experience with heart-pumping action and adrenaline-rushing battles. Grab your gun and be the hero of your own story! Use your aim and strategy skills to fight your way through this battle-hardened FPS world.

The best FPS game of the year! Join this epic adventure and fight with other players on a large map. You can shoot tanks, helicopters, and even boats that try to block your path. Use the latest military weapons and be the last shooter standing!

The third in the series with in-game shooting & fighting experience with in-depth shooting & fighting in big maps, guns, weapons, action with an adventure story. 2021 latest version is with live battlefield battle.

Real Shooting Fps Strike is the most addictive game of all time, with over 20 million downloads! It is a fast-paced 3D FPS action game for all true gamers. It is the only one shooter game with realistic graphics, intense sound effects, and all types of weapons including a sniper rifle. Your mission is to fight against terrorist groups that threaten the world's peace!

As a professional shooter, you would never miss a shot. Get your trigger going and shoot down the enemies in this addictive FPS game. Take on missions and aim for the head in the real 3D battlefield. Watch out for bombs, landmines, and other obstacles! Are you up to the challenge? Shoot it down in 2020!

How to play

Movement - WASD

Fire - left mouse

Zoom - right mouse

Jump - space

Lock cursor - L

Crouch - C

Reload - R