Sling Drift Cars

Sling Drift Cars

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Sling Drift Cars is a fun and exciting driving game where you have to act fast drifting with your car around an endless track! Your car doesn't have a steering wheel, but you can still turn corners by throwing cables around the red posts placed on the inside of each bend. Use the cable to pull the car through the bend, but let go before you turn too far and hit the crash barrier. However, don't go too early, or your car will swerve off the track without any means to correct your trajectory. You'll have to get it right and time it perfectly with each turn!
Changing the design of your car doesn't seem to be anything but aesthetic, but it gives you something to work towards. Besides, who doesn't love to drive a cool looking car around the different twists in the game.
How far can you go? Let's start conquering the Sling Drift Cars track right now! you will definitely be addicted to it.

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How to play

Tap to drift